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[audio]Moar Green Anarchy, Less Robots!
With Ron and Sumac. OK, we didn't really talk about robots but we did discuss the drawbacks of living in an almost totally synthetic environment cut off from natural cycles and forces. Is red anarchism (aka anarcho-syndicalism) too reformist and limited in the face of the environmental crisis? What are the best options for poor people in the inner city? What's the deal with all this egoism crap floating around? These issues were also discussed...
Keywords: anti civ, primitivism, green anarchy
Downloads: 83
[audio]Interview With Natasha Alvarez, author of "Liminal" - Free Radical Radio
Rydra interviews Natasha Alvarez, author of the new novella "Liminal," and www.theyearoblackclothing.wordpress.comNatasha discusses direct action, how the novella came to be, what mourning looks like on a planet gone mad with ecocide, our connection with the world around us, destroying civilization, and what happiness means in this world.  support or donate to free radical radio:
Keywords: anti-civ; author; liminial; ecocide; direct action
Downloads: 226
[audio]Anarchy Radio 10-12-2010 - John Zerzan
weekly radio program
Keywords: anarchy; green anarchy; anti-civ; anti-authoritarian
Downloads: 432
[audio]Interview with CrimethInc. on their essay "Deserting The Digital Utopia" - Free Radical Radio
Doug & Rydra interview a member of the CrimethInc. Ex-Workers' Collective about their essay "Deserting the Digital Utopia."  They discuss the obvious and not so obvious problems inherent in using computers/technology/social media for anarchist projects.  They also discuss the value/problem of cop watching and filming authority, and question if leaving the internet is desirable. 
Keywords: technology; crimethInc; anarchy; anti-civ; ex-workers
Downloads: 281
[audio]Rebellion Is A Choice -
For more info about Feral Script Kiddies (and free music) go to Samples are of Derrick Jensen talking at The Santa Cruz Vets Hall on 03-29-06. To listen to the whole talk go to: … For more info about Derrick Jensen and his latest books Endgame Volume 1 and 2 go to:
Keywords: anarcho primitivism; insurrectional anarchism; rebellion; anti-civ
Downloads: 553
[audio]FRR 48pt 2: Who Needs Water When You Have an iEverything? - Free Radical Radio
Doug and Rydra discuss the water shut offs in Detroit, "Chiraq."  Chevron's "modernization," police killings and resistance across the central valley and bay area, the new supercomputer for our nukes, and much more.
Keywords: anti-civ; chiraq; detroit water shutoff; acab; ftp
Downloads: 62
[audio]Episode 56- Wingnuts Confess: on language, "nature," ecocide, and an ISIS twitter account - Free Radical Radio
Rydra and Bellamy discuss the latest in domestication news, try to figure out why ISIS is tweeting in lolspeak about kittens, speak on the aftermath of Ferguson, talk about a jailbreak in the US, talk about climate change and how it effects the kangaroo scrotum business in Australia, and finally discuss language as ideology and wingnut out on the nature of nature's nature.
Keywords: anarchy; green anarchy; anarcho-primitivism; egoism; ftp; acab; anti-civ
Downloads: 17
[audio]Episode 50: Soylent Green, Still a Terrible Idea
Rydra and Doug host and Rydra reviews Snowpiercer glowingly. Doug discusses recent actions against Israel happening in the bay and annoying tech nonsense Soylent, Organic Skyscrapers, and facebook's emotional contagion. They discuss some resistance from the ALF, ELF, and FAI, and talk about Eviction Free SF declaring themselves not "anti-tech."
Keywords: anti-civ, snowpiercer, anti-tech, gaza, acab; anarchism; green anarchy
Downloads: 201
[audio]Episode 56- Wingnuts Confess: on language, "nature," ecocide, and an ISIS twitter account - Free Radical Radio
Rydra and Bellamy discuss the latest in domestication news, try to figure out why ISIS is tweeting in lolspeak about kittens, speak on the aftermath of Ferguson, talk about a jailbreak in the US, talk about climate change and how it effects the kangaroo scrotum business in Australia, and finally discuss language as ideology and wingnut out on the nature of nature's nature.
Keywords: anarchy; anti-civ; egoism; anarcho-primitivism; ftp; acab; green anarchy
Downloads: 278
[audio]Episode 51: Don't Drink the Water! - Free Radical Radio
Rydra and Doug discuss magical ice cream sandwiches that don't melt, poisonous tap water and apocalyptic behavior in Toledo, a recap of "Water, Land, and Cultural Survival" at Station Forte in SF, the drought in California, Doug's new fracking company Crudo's Crude, SWARM robots, why people should stop calling people "workers," and an examination of the resistance against Israel in the Bay Area and more problems with non-profits and leftists in relation to the failed Port Shutdown in Oakland
Keywords: green anarchy; anarcho-primitivism; anti-civ; drought; robots; luddite
Downloads: 198
[movies]Interview with the Director of END:CIV - Atlanta Indymedia
Frank Lopez recently screened his film END:CIV in Atlanta, and afterwards he took some time to tell Indymedia about the film and why it's important. The film is primarily based on the work of Derrick Jensen, a prominent critic of civilization and the environmental destruction it causes. In our interview, Lopez discusses what led up to the creation of the film, and the message which both he and Jensen want to spread: that in order to save humanity and life on earth, civilization must be destroyed...
Keywords: indymedia; atlanta; interview; frank lopez; end:civ; anti-civ; endgame
Downloads: 60
[audio]Episode 50: Interview with Franklin Lopez(Stimulator) - Free Radical Radio
Free Radical Radio interviews Franklin Lopez and discuss Franklin's projects:, End:civ, It's the End of the World as we Know it, and his coverage of radical and indigenous resistance in Canada. We also discuss Franklin's opinion of Occupy, DGR, and much more.
Keywords: anarchism, green anarchy, indigenous resistance, acab; anti-civ; green anarchy
Downloads: 287
[audio]"I Saw Fire." An Interview of Doug G. by Rydra of Free Radical Radio - Free Radical Radio
Rydra of Free Radical Radio interviews Doug about his recent book "I Saw Fire."  Doug and Rydra talk about the history of the bay and it's current radical political scene.  They also discuss insurrectionary and anti-civ politics, education, and much more
Keywords: anarchy; insurrection; green anarchy; anti-civ; oakland; radical
Downloads: 96
[audio]I Saw Fire- An interview with Doug G - Free Radical Radio
Rydra of Free Radical Radio interviews Doug about his recent book "I Saw Fire."  Doug and Rydra talk about the history of the bay and it's current radical political scene.  They also discuss insurrectionary and anti-civ politics, education, and much more
Keywords: insurrectionary; green anarchy; i saw fire; anarchy; anti-civ; interview
Downloads: 32
Subtitled "A Primer on Civilization, Domestication, and Anarchy," Uncivilized is a good introduction to the anarchist critique of civilization. It covers the major themes: history, agriculture, domestication, the critique of technology, the horror of industrialism, etc.
Keywords: anarchism; anarchy; green anarchy; anti-civ; civilization; zine; zines
Downloads: 42
[texts]Why Civilization?
This short zine is a basic introduction to anti-civilization ideas. It presents a concise argument for why civilization needs to go. It's designed to be easy to reproduce on a large-scale.
Keywords: zine; zines; anarchism; anti-civilization; civilization; anti-civ; theory
Downloads: 30
[audio]Episode 67: On "Anarchists" Who Follow Leadership, Worship the Commodity, and Fix Broken Windows - Free Radical Radio
Rydra and Bellamy host and discuss North Korea sending it's citizens(slaves) to "work" in Qatar for the 2022 world cup buildup, more on the history of agriculture and the loss of pollinators, an anarchist response to an anarchist response to ebola, peace police getting their asses kicked in Oakland, more on the rioting and response to police violence and some on identity politics and people who call themselves anarchists while wanting to follow leadership, Greepeace up to their usual antics whic...
Keywords: anarchy; green anarchy; anti-civ; ferguson; identity politics; rioting
Downloads: 326
[audio]Episode 64- On the Beauty and Horror of the Natural World: Wild Reaction, Uncivilized Conduct, and more. - Free Radical Radio
Rydra and Bellamy discuss their visit to the UC occupation of Wheeler Hall and subsequent run-in with liberal nightmare Chris Hedges, comminques and actions from Wild Reaction and Uncivilized Condcut, more on the rhetoric around Ferguson and state murders, megacities, the horror and beauty of the world around us, Elon Musk predicting that artificial intelligence will end the human species, and much mor!
Keywords: anarchy; green anarchy; anti-civ; nihlism; ftp; ferguson; acab
Downloads: 386
[texts]VEGANARCHY Anti Speciesist Warfare And Direct Action
A radical critique of liberal veganism and speciesist anarchy
Keywords: Anarchy; veganism; vegan; veganarchy; anti-capitalism; Anti-CIV; environmentalism; anarchy; speciesism; anti-speciesism
Downloads: 100
[audio]Free Rad - Bellamy & Rydra
Episode 12: "Who Doesn't Love Land Commodities?" - BART Strike, more antics from police czar Tom Frazier, the commodification of Ecocide, Facebook's company town, and more
Keywords: primitivism; green anarchism; anti-civ; Oakland; East Bay; Bay Area; police; ecocide
Downloads: 59
[audio]Episode 25: 01/25/14: Robo-Cop: When Life Imitates Art...And We Suffer the Consequences
Giant screens in public spaces signal ever-deepening alienation. Direct action in Brazil gets the goods once again. Shark slaughter in Australia - human. And robots, robots everywhere: killer and mundane; remote-controlled, semi autonomous, and autonomous. Surveillance: "The fifth utility".
Keywords: anarchy; green anarchist; anti-civ; anarcho-primitivists; alienation; surveillance; robots; avatar project
Downloads: 42
[audio]Episode 48 pt II: Who Needs Water when we have an Ieverything! - Free Radical Radio
Doug and Rydra rage on the idea that online activism/slacktivism is as valid as anything else, Chevron's "modernization," police murders from Salinas, Santa Rosa and Half Moon Bay, nuclear weapons new "safe" supercomputer, Chicago's 82 shootings and why it is being called "Chiraq," and the water shutoffs in Detroit.
Keywords: chiraq; slacktivism; acab; ftp; deroit water shut off; chevron; anti-civ
Downloads: 18
[texts]Out From The Shadows: A Vegan Straight-Edge Journal of Resistance
The successor to Encuentro zine, Out From the Shadows really raises the bar,leaving behind the band interviews and vague rhetoric that seems to be inherent to the hardcore punk zine genre in favor of actually hammering out some ideas for practical resistance to the death culture. Thoughtful writings on reclaiming vegan straight edge from the fascist jocks and poseur douche-bags, the violation and destruction endemic to domestication and civilization, and how we might all get our shit together an...
Keywords: vegan; straight-edge; radical sobriety; anarchism; green anarchy; anti-civ; domestication; colonization; revolutionary ecology; insurrection
Downloads: 45
[texts]Anarchy And Alcohol Reading
Part 1. Anarchy & Alcohol (Wasted Indeed)Part 2. How Civilization Came to Fiend (An Anarch-Primitivist Case For Straight-Edge)Addiction Culture, Strategies For Sobriety, Civilization and Booze
Keywords: Dope; Drug Addiction; Intoxication; Straight-edge; Anarchy; Anarchism; Anti-Civ; Straight Edge; Primitivism
Downloads: 155
[audio]Episode 40, part 1: Technology, patriachy, and the absurdity of the 9/11 giftshop - Free Radical Radio
In part 1 of Episode 40 Bellamy and Rydra discuss the myth of progress in patriarchy relating to Claire Ettinger and a bunch of creepy old men, sex robots taking over, the end of net neutrality, Cecily McMillan and the problem with livestreaming, NYC bookfair, and anti-civ resistance in the form of super germs,
Keywords: cecilymcmillan; ftp; acab; claireettinger; sexrobots; netneutrality; nycbookfair; anarchist; anarchy; anti-civ; anarcho-primitivism; patriarchy; ecocide
Downloads: 98
[audio]Episode 66- Make Total Destroy, and Bring us the Champagne - Free Radical Radio
Rydra & Bellamy terrorize the virtual airwaves with news from the Bay Area's rioting and looting and general displeasure with civilization and they discuss the Hikkikimori phenomena in Japan, the "Rainbow Girls" continuous thefts of high end stores in San Francisco, a cop losing his job in Monterey for not tasing a suicidal man, Duke Energy up to their old tricks of dumping tons of industrial waste into North Carolina rivers, the ongoing horror show that is Fukushima, the Milgram experiment, and...
Keywords: anarchy; green anarchy; ferguson; berkeleyprotests; rioting; CIA; hikkikimori; rainbow girls; anti-civ
Downloads: 244
[audio]Episode 42 Part 1, Civilization Gives No Fucks: Fukushima, World Cup Resistance, And Our Friends Obama And DARPA - Free Radical Radio
In Part 1 Rydra and Bellamy discuss self domestication and why a man returned 125k dollars to Brinks Security, Fukushima disaster continuing, Obama's BRAIN initiative, World Cup resistance, and the death march of civilization
Keywords: world cup; anarchy; anarchism; green anarchy; anarcho-primitivism; Obama; DARPA; Fukushima; anti-civ; domestication
Downloads: 123
[audio]Episode 37- Radicals vs Civilization Reformists: the intersection of police, technology, ecocide, and patriarchy - Free Radical Radio
Bellamy and Rydra discuss rape culture at large and especially at UC Berkeley, the "exciting" new technology that plans to begin seabed drilling, the FBI working hand in hand with police and oil companies, oakland political scene and what is actually radical, displacement and gentrification, and as always we rage on google for their new tattoo and vitamin technology which bring us one step close to the singularity.
Keywords: anarchy; green anarchy; google glass; anti-civ; anarcho-primitivism; primitivism; opd; ftp; acab; keystoneXL; ecocide; techiescum
Downloads: 158
[audio]Episode 24: 01/21/14: "I Asked The Gentleman, And I Use That Term Disparagingly..." - Free Radical Radio
Free Radical Radio Turns In Its Homework Late: Explosion of sea snot is likely not due to Fukushima - it's still due to Civilization. Obama's State of the Union Address is an apology for surveillance and the security state. ACAB: Police murder of Jesus Huerta and Kelly Thomas. Bellamy spits on a Christian evangelist. Problems with the idea of "meeting people where they're at" in organizing. Drought in California...
Keywords: anti-civ; anarchy; green anarchism; anarcho-primitivism; Obama; Fukushima; ACAB; police state; post-left; historical revisionism
Downloads: 50
[audio]Episode 15: - Free Radical Radio
Bellamy and Rydra experience yet another technology problem and begin to speculate that civilization is protecting itself from their incendiary words. They then discuss Obama's falling popularity, the relentless ALF, the comical incompetence of the OPD, animal agriculture, the encroaching horror of Google, more techno-estrangement, the liberal antics of Naomi Klein and James Hansen, and the everyday anarchy of nation-states...
Keywords: anarchy; post-left; primitivism; anti-civ; Obama; ALF; Oakland; Bay Area
Downloads: 55
[audio]Episode 23: 01/14/14: The Left Is Never Right, And The Right Is Always Wrong - Free Radical Radio
Bellamy complains about BART and its attendant alienation again and mentions the approach to breaking this down by the Love Police. Scientific findings about genuine sex being healthy and pornography being unhealthy. Fukushima creates new market for radiation-free fish - ugh. Herbicides, agribusiness, and the Red Queen Hypothesis - the real solution is a permaculture/horticulture approach. Australia and the war on sharks - madness...
Keywords: anti-civ; anarchy; green anarchism; primitivism; alienation; pornography; fukishima; agriculture; permaculture; horticulture; gentrification
Downloads: 54
[audio]Ep 27: 02/11/14: "Significant Hazard Potential Structures"
Rydra sets the mood by talking about grade-based welfare and the continuing nightmare of Fukushima - TEPCO admits that radiation levels are five times what was previously reported. Oakland's DAC project continues to violate the city's own laws. Oakland is no longer the country's second deadliest city. ACAB: internal survey reveals intensely low morale among OPD, even as they continue to resist efforts at accountability...
Keywords: Libby Schaaf; Tom Frazier; Fukushima; anti-civilization; anti-civ; anarchy; anarchism; ACAB; OPD; Oakland; Bay Area
Downloads: 34
[audio]John Zerzan Interview, 03/16/14 - Free Radical Radio
Bellamy and Rydra are once again joined by anarcho-primitivist thinker John Zerzan, author of Elements of Refusal, Future Primitive, and other seminal anti-civ texts and former editor of Green Anarchy.In this interview, we discuss smartphones and Google Glass, the idea of the Noble Savage, the epistemological issues surrounding anthropology, catastrophist/collapsist thinking, medical technology, and other topics.John e-mailed us an addendum to his words on catastrophism/collapsism, which reads, ...
Keywords: Zerzan; anti-civ; anti-civilization; anti-authoritarian; green anarchy; technology; anthropology; Noble Savage; primitivism; collapse
Downloads: 215
[audio]Episode 45 What A Long Strange Trip It's Been - Free Radical Radio
In Episode 45 Rydra and Doug discuss Green Peace gambling on the Euro, animal actions in Oregon, Drones in South Africa, resistance to ecocide in Hawaii, East Bay Surveillance programs and attempts at displacing "crime", Fukushima's problematic Ice Wall, arsons and other fires in San Francisco, and more on horrific ICE detention centers
Keywords: anti-civ; anarchy; green anarchy; anarcho-primitivism; drones; ALF; hawaii; indigenous resistance; sfpd; surveillance; fukushima; ftp; acab; ICE; no borders
Downloads: 146
[audio]Episde 46 Part 1: Cannibalism is Cool Again? - Free Radical Radio
Rydra and Bellamy discuss Rydra's addictions to civilization, where the World Cup and Cannibalism intersect, what use civilization is if the good drugs are eating our flesh, why renewable/sustainable energy is not a solution, tree spiking in Florida, BP oil spill causing fish to swim more slowly, RIMPAC and the idiocy of war games, the Mi'kmaq people and their continued battle against the RCMP and civilization's onslaught, and much much more!
Keywords: green anarchy; anarchism; anarchy; anti-civ; ftp; acab; bp; mi'kmaq; oil spills; indigenous resistance; ecocide; anti-civilization
Downloads: 155
[audio]Join The Motherf**kin' Resistance - Bursts O'Goodness
Tonight's show features an interview with Franklin Lopez, director of the the new film, END:CIV. The film is based on four suppositions of Derrick Jensen's 2-volume work, Endgame and features interviews with Mr. Jensen, John Zerzan (author of many books and host of Anarchy Radio) Mr. Lopez also helps produce the show It’s The End Of The World And I Feel Fine
Keywords: anti-civ; the final straw; bursts o'goodness; submedia; end:civ; it's the end of the world
Downloads: 46
[audio]Toby Hemenway - Free Radical Radio
Toby Hemenway, permaculturist, former geneticist, and author of Gaia's Garden, the best-selling guide to home-scale permaculture, discusses his "Toward a Horticultural Society" thesis with Rydra and Bellamy. Topics include: horticulture and historical revisionism, the future of urban society, symbolic culture and thought, and Hemenway's political autobiography.
Keywords: Toby Hemenway; Gaia's Garden; permaculture; horticulture; anti-civilization; anti-civ; green anarchy; green anarchism; urban agriculture; collapse
Downloads: 109
[audio]Episode 21: Here Comes the New Year, Same As the Last Year...
In our abbreviated New Year's Eve episode, we discuss Google and its attendant gentrification as well as the resistance its been inspiring. We then move on to FRR's People of the Year: George Zimmerman, Tom Brower, Rob Ford, and Jean Quan.
Keywords: Oakland; Bay Area; Anti-Civ; Anarcho-Primitivism; Radical; Anarchy; Anarchism; Google; Gentrification; George Zimmerman; Tom Brower; Rob Ford; Jean Quan
Downloads: 17
[audio]Free Radical Radio - Bellamy & Rydra
Bellamy is out of town this week so Rydra goes full wingnut on Google Glass and applauds direct action against techie scum.  Rydra also discusses more state violence in the form of the SFPD, talks ecocide and resistance in China, genetically modified mosquitoes, and takes a call from his sister!
Keywords: anarchy; ftp; acab; anti-civ; green anarchy; anarchism; oakland; west oakland; pirate radio; google; google glass; glass; OPD
Downloads: 11
[movies]John Zerzan: Pretentions of Modernity (Montreal) - Alexandre Miltsov - introduction and the rest of the conferences.
Keywords: John Zerzan; collapse; anti-civ; anarchy; Montreal; ecocide; ecology; global warming; green anarchy; anarcho-primitivism; philosophy; indigenous people; Natives; anarchism; anarchist bookfair; 2008; technology; rewilding
Downloads: 293
[movies]John Zerzan The Earth's Global Crisis (08 Montreal) - Alexandre Miltsov - introduction and the rest of the conferences.
Keywords: John Zerzan; collapse; anti-civ; anarchy; Montreal; ecocide; ecology; global warming; green anarchy; anarcho-primitivism; philosophy; indigenous people; Natives; anarchism; anarchist bookfair; 2008; technology; rewilding
Downloads: 192
[audio]Episode 28: 02/18/14: Bratton Wants Some Glass - Free Radical Radio
Bellamy rants at length about Google Glass. ACAB: Tasing on BART; Bratton's ousting by Warshaw; and Bratton and Israeli Intelligence, hand in hand. Resistance by Frontline Action On Coal. Individuals Tending Toward the Wild. Deplorable wage slavery alive and well in Amazon.
Keywords: anti-civilization; anti-civ; acab; BART police; Bratton; Robert Warshaw; Israel; Frontline Action on Coal; ITS; amazon; anarchy; green anarchism; Bay Area; Oakland
Downloads: 43
[texts]Straight Edge Anarchy: The Danger of a Sober Insurrection
This short pamphlet provides an anti-civ critique of addiction and intoxication culture while promoting the necessity for sober insurrection.
Keywords: Insurrectionay anarchy; addiction; solidarity; radical sobriety; straight edge; armed revolution; uprising; straight-edge; intoxication culture; drugs; alcohol; tobacco; civilization; colonialism; colonization; domestication; anti-civ; anti-capitalism; anti-authoritarian
Downloads: 66
[audio]Episode 29: 02/25/14: Calling All Civilization Reformists... - Free Radical Radio
Rydra advances his new term: civilization reformists - how far can any Leftism, no matter how "radical", really go when mass movement entails mass society? Bellamy celebrates the backlash against Google Glass; the Daily Beast trashes it with surprisingly anti-civ overtones. Unreasonable Human of the Week: Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil. Coal ash continues to flow into the Dan River. ACAB: Private patrols in Oakland shoot a black teen; Chicago goes "Minority Report"...
Keywords: anti-civ; anti-civilization; post-left; google glass; rex tillerson; exxonmobil; dan river; acab; oakland; chicago heat list; green anarchy; green anarchism
Downloads: 136
[audio]Episode 19 New - Free Radical Radio
Rydra and Bellamy give thanks for their privilege and ability to buy chocolate from the Global South as they please. They go on to discuss direct action getting the goods for the ALF, the call to smash Kono in West Oakland, Libby Schaff's run for mayor of Oakland, "job creation", Tom Frazier's monthly update, and Rochester's police racism rivaling Oakland's. Part Two will be posted later this week.
Keywords: anarchy; anarchism; post-left; primitivism; anti-civ; globalization; direct action; ALF; West Oakland; gentrification; Libby Schaff; Tom Frazier; Jean Quan; police
Downloads: 34
[movies]John Zerzan Anarcho-primitivism, Archeology, and Anthropology (Mtl 08) - Alexandre Miltsov - introduction and the rest of the conferences.
Keywords: John Zerzan; collapse; anti-civ; anarchy; Montreal; ecocide; ecology; global warming; green anarchy; anarcho-primitivism; philosophy; indigenous people; Natives; anarchism; anarchist bookfair; 2008; technology; rewilding
Downloads: 609
[audio]Episode 26: 02/03/14: Toward A Horticultural Society
Bellamy and Rydra recap how the argument for Oakland's Domain Awareness Center is nakedly hollow. "The Piedmont Fortress": how the East Bay's wealthy cloister themselves. Uncertainty over Sea Star wasting illness obscures the fact that it is ecocide broadly that is harming all life. Direct action Sea Shepherd, the Cells of Fire, and more. The Tienanmen Square image was misleadingly used, but how much has changed from an anti-civ perspective? ACAB: continual murder with near total impunity...
Keywords: anarchy; anarcho-primitivism; anti-civilization; anti-civ; Piedmont; bay area; Oakland; direct action; Tienanmen Square; ACAB; Munduruku; Toby Hemenway; permaculture; horticulture
Downloads: 61
[audio]Episode 34: 04/01/2014: Free Radical Radio Takes A Field Trip - Free Radical Radio
In Bellamy's last episode before the FFRFT (Free Radical Radio Field Trip), Rydra and Bellamy discuss: their recent Fireworks interview; Alien Nation-States: Oculus Rift, Facebook malls, and Zuckerberg taking up space; ACAB: old school racism and Chip Johnson Loves the Police; As The World Burns: Leftist antics from Truthout and Bill McKibben while the Mi'kmaq stay consistent; Welcome to the Technosphere: more nonsense from Explorers of the Glasshole.
Keywords: green anarchy; anti-civilization; anti-civ; green anarchism; anti-authoritarian; luddite; bay area; oakland; facebook; zuckerberg; fireworks; acab; white supremacy; oakland police department; bill mckibben; mi'kmaq; glasshole; google
Downloads: 82
[audio]Episode 33: 03/25/14: My Favorite Pseudopraxis Is Ethical Pop Culture Consumption - How About You?
Bellamy and Rydra find that their melancholy is unassailable by the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair and rattle off its various inadequacies. They go on to discuss: toxification via Duke Energy and oil spills; the resistance activities of Marcellus Shale Earth First!; ACAB: Kansas' new "Stop Whining!" bill and science says OPD is racist; Corn Rootworm: greatest anti-civ activist?; and This Is Civilization Reform: Ethical Pop Culture Consumption...
Keywords: pseudopraxis; green anarchy; green anarchism; anti-civilization; anti-civ; Earth First!; EF!; Marcellus Shale; fracking; Oakland Police Department; Oakland; Bay Area; Anarchist Bookfair; Corn Rootworm; agriculture; monoculture; Duke Energy
Downloads: 92
[audio]Episode 19 New 2 - Free Radical Radio
Amazon frightens Bellamy and Rydra with its promise of total consumer fulfillment. Shortly after, the Domain Awareness Center frightens them with its promise of total surveillance. Later, they lose all credibility among most people by taking Make A Wish - and charity, generally - to task. Other topics include: American Bison, Simply Orange, and the Daily Show and Colbert Report's transphobia. Finally, Rydra and Bellamy out themselves as wingnuts as they talk about how much they hate Time.
Keywords: amazon; drones; Bay Area; Oakland; Domain Awareness Center; surveillance; batkid; Make A Wish; charity; solidarity; bison; simply orange; industrial agriculture; gmo; transphobia; reification; time; post-left; anti-civ; anarchy; anarchism; primitivism; anarcho-primitivism
Downloads: 38
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